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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:26 am

Our guild is for people that want to have fun in a family/friendly environment. We are here to enrich the play of all our members through protection, cooperation, and camaraderie.

  1. General Behavior
    1. No Pking - We are a non-Pk guild because it reflects poorly on the guild and creates a lot more problems throughout the server. People who do not pk get pk'd because they are in DE. There are a few acceptable reasons and Horizon field is always the exception.
    2. Be Helpful - Donate extra stuff that you can't/don't want to sell to the guild bank. If you are not busy, help a guild mate with a quest or boss. Protect guildies from being pk'd or ks'd
    3. No begging - Requesting help from guild members and the guild is encouraged, but do not beg for free stuff. We are not a charity. people work very hard for their stuff and very rarely want to just give it away.
    4. Language - Not asking people not to cuss, I understand their are children that play the game but that is the environment of an online game; however, I don't want to see people randomly cussing for no reason. Racism and other offensive language will not be tolerated.

  2. Player Killing [Pk'ing]
    1. Acceptable Reasons - Training, Looting, Harassment, Kill stealing. It is only acceptable after at least 2 requests for them to stop, calm polite requests - not demanding and threatening.
      1. Training - Training is when someone runs through your party with a large number of mobs and the mobs jump over to your party resulting in multiple deaths or party wipes. Be sure it was not an accident though, there are times when people are just running through a dungeon and trying not to die.
      2. Kill Stealing - If you are farming, soloing, or dping and someone is stealing your mobs and it results in slower farming or loss of experience. Most noticeably this is done during farming and boss fights.
      3. Looting - Do to the various Rappelz bugs not all drops are immediately visible and loot pets randomly stop working resulting in loot being left laying on the ground for extended periods of time. If you catch someone purposely looting you for an extended period of time or they get a very valuable drop of yours, then please take a screenshot first before pking.
      4. Harassment - If someone is repeatedly harassing you through pms or chat, try to block them. If they persist then you are free to pk them. This does not include buff beggars, just simply block those types of people like you would rupee spammers.

    2. Horizon field - It is well known people go here to PK and duel avoid this area if you do not wish to participate, there are multiple exits out of Horizon that are safe from pkers. If you are out in horizon field with pk on, do not attack the poor defenseless r2s that are out there doing quests.
    3. Requesting to pk people - We are a non-pk guild, use diplomatic solutions to things rather than immediately wanting to pk someone. Rappelz has a block list for a reason. You can also blacklist people from your dps if they leave on SS or do other stupid disrespectful things.

  3. Guild Bank and Funds
    1. Guild Bank - Marieann123/Tokihamai is in charge of the guild bank, she tries to update it once a week. These are items donate by members and currently owned by the guild. We loan out to guildies until they are able to buy one of their own or until they out-level it. Buying from the guild might become an option. To donate just pm the guild leader or marieann123.
    2. Guild Fund - This is a percent set aside from dungeon tax used to help members with equipment and other needs. You must make a formal request for help in the forums so everyone has a chance to vote rather or not its an acceptable way to help. Voting should not be done on personal like or dislike of a person, but rather on how you view the use of the item to the guild. Activity of the person making the request should also be considered. If it makes the character stronger, its probably a good use of guild money, but majority vote rules.

  4. Inactivity - We pride ourselves on being a large active guild. Having people that don't log on for 4 months makes the guild look inactive and it makes it hard to plan for sieges. If you are going to be going somewhere or just can't get on game, pm me on the forums or tell someone in game whats happening so they can relate to the rest of us.
    • 30 Days - Start to wonder what happened to you and check around to see if anyone knows anything.
    • 60 Days - Alts are kicked if no one knows what happened.
    • 90+ Days - Mains are kicked.

Any questions feel free to pm me on the forums or in game.


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Rules and Guidelines
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